How can I acquire and trade tokens and NFTs?

There are several ways to acquire and trade in-game tokens and NFTs in BlocTale:

  • Earning GLD: Players can earn BlocGold (GLD) by participating in various in-game activities, such as defeating enemies, completing quests, and engaging in other game events.

  • Acquiring NFT Items: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing in-game items can be obtained by defeating enemies, purchasing from NPC shops, or participating in special sale events.

  • Trading and Selling: Players can trade or sell their NFT items and ERC721 BlocTale Characters through the in-game Marketplace, peer-to-peer transactions, or third-party markets. The in-game Marketplace provides a secure, trustless environment for trading NFT items and BlocTale Characters, while peer-to-peer trading and third-party markets may be conducted at the discretion and risk of the involved parties.

  • DAO Governance Token (BLOC): BlocTale DAO tokens can be acquired through various means, such as participating in initial token sales, earning them as rewards for contributing to the game's development, or purchasing them on secondary markets, including third-party platforms.

By providing multiple avenues for trading in-game tokens and NFTs, BlocTale ensures a dynamic and accessible market for players and investors alike.

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