BlocTale: Roadmap Overview and In-Depth Analysis

Introducing BlocTale, a groundbreaking Web3 MMORPG designed to revolutionize the gaming industry. This innovative game combines traditional MMORPG elements with Web3 technology, offering players true ownership of in-game assets and a transparent, fair economy. The following documentation presents the roadmap for BlocTale's alpha and beta development stages, highlights the critical steps leading to its public release, and provides an in-depth analysis of the various features and development milestones.

Key Features

Alpha Stage Features:

  • Basic map with a village and different areas: A foundation for exploration and player interaction, featuring varied landscapes and points of interest.

  • Character movement, inventory, and combat: Core gameplay mechanics, including character control, inventory management, and the ability to engage in battles with enemies.

  • NPC AI conversations and shops: Non-playable characters that offer dynamic interactions, trading, and side quests to enhance the gaming experience.

  • Tokenization: In-Game Gold (ERC20), Characters (ERC721), Items (ERC1155): Blockchain integration allowing for transparent asset ownership, trading, and management.

Beta Stage Features:

  • Housing system with NFT decoration: Players can acquire and customize their in-game homes, decorating them with unique NFT artwork and collectibles.

  • Dimensions: Dungeon system: A procedurally generated dungeon system offering diverse challenges, loot, and experiences for players to conquer.

  • Group combat events every 2 hours: Timed cooperative combat events that encourage player teamwork and reward participants with exclusive in-game items and currency.

  • In-game marketplace for temporary player shops: A player-driven economy, enabling users to create and manage their shops to trade, buy, and sell in-game items.

Development Roadmap: Chapters and Milestones

Chapter 1 - Before the Meeting (Oct. 2022 - Feb. 2023 | Done):

This chapter focuses on developing the base features of BlocTale. It includes the creation of a basic map with a village and different areas for players to explore, character movement, inventory management, smart contract development, item creation, the first city (BlocVille), design tweaks, and enemy and NPC bases. This chapter lays the groundwork for the game's core mechanics.

Chapter 2 - Ahead of the Meeting (Feb. 2023 | Done):

After establishing the base features, the development team sets up social media accounts and a website to promote BlocTale. They write introductory blog articles to explain the game and Web3 gaming concepts to potential players, generating interest and laying the foundation for an active community.

Chapter 3 - The Meeting (Feb. 2023 - Today | In Progress):

The development team focuses on growing an organic community for BlocTale by being active on social media and sharing the current state of the game with potential players through blog articles. The team also seeks feedback from the community to improve the game while nearing the first Alpha coming end of April, available on Testnet for everyone. This chapter is all about community engagement and incorporating player input.

Chapter 4 - The Power of the Community:

The team creates a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) for BlocTale, which includes the ERC20 token BlocTale (BLOC). The team initiates distribution according to unannounced airdrop plans and liquidity mining, with data from alpha testers. From this point on, further development will be directly influenced by the DAO. This chapter emphasizes the importance of community-driven development and decision-making.

Chapter 5 - Expanding the Horizon:

The development team, with the help of the DAO and community feedback, implements the last main features of the game. These include the housing system, which allows players to own, customize, and decorate their in-game homes with NFTs; dimensions (dungeon system), which offers procedurally generated dungeons with unique challenges and rewards; group combat events, which are large-scale battles occurring every 2 hours and rewarding participating players; and an in-game marketplace, where players can create temporary shops to sell their items while they are away from the game. This chapter focuses on enhancing the game's depth and player engagement.

Chapter 6 - BlocVille Awakes:

This chapter marks the public beta test for BlocTale, beginning on Testnet before moving to Mainnet for DAO Token holders. During this phase, the development team closely monitors the game's performance, addressing any issues and bugs that arise. If no major bugs are found within a few weeks, beta assets may be finalized and used for future releases. This chapter ensures that BlocTale is polished and stable before its official launch.

Chapter 7 - Bright Future:

With the game's core features and mechanics in place, the team shifts their focus to refining the current state of features and begins story development. The goal is to build out the world and create a rich narrative for players to explore, deepening the game's lore and providing a more immersive experience. This final chapter sets the stage for BlocTale's ongoing evolution and growth, laying the foundation for future updates and expansions.


In summary, BlocTale aims to merge traditional MMORPG elements with the cutting-edge Web3 blockchain technology, providing players with a unique and immersive gaming experience that goes beyond the typical RPG formula. The roadmap and in-depth analysis provided in this documentation outline the game's alpha and beta stages, as well as the goals and milestones for each development chapter.

By involving the community in the development process through the DAO, we believe we can create a truly exceptional game that meets the needs and desires of our players. The combination of exploration, combat, in-game economy, and blockchain-based asset ownership offers a distinctive experience that pushes the boundaries of the MMORPG genre. We are excited to see the potential of BlocTale unfold and to bring it to life with the support of our dedicated community.

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