Character NFTs - ERC721

In BlocTale, player characters are represented as ERC721 tokens, also known as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These tokens provide a unique identity to each character, along with their in-game attributes, ownership, and other metadata. ERC721 characters enable a vibrant and engaging in-game economy, as well as provide opportunities for players to own and trade their characters.

1. Character Creation

Upon joining BlocTale, players can create a unique character by selecting from a classes and customization options. Once the character is created, an ERC721 token is minted and assigned to the player's Cronos wallet. This token represents the ownership and game data of the character.

2. Attributes and Metadata

Each ERC721 character in BlocTale has a set of attributes and metadata stored on the blockchain. Some of these attributes include:

  • Name: The unique name chosen by the player

  • Class: The character's class (e.g., Warrior, Mage, Archer, etc.)

  • Level: The character's current experience level

  • Job Level: The character's current job experience level

  • Honor: The character's current honor level

  • Statistics: The character's core stats (e.g., Strength, Intelligence, Agility, etc.)

  • Skills: A list of acquired and trained skills

3. Trading and Marketplace

ERC721 characters in BlocTale can be traded or sold to other players through the in-game or third-party marketplace. This feature allows players to:

  • Purchase characters: Players can buy characters with desirable attributes, high levels, or rare stats.

  • Trade and sell characters: Players can sell their characters to earn GLD or other in-game assets.

  • Third-Party marketplaces: Players can trade characters on any NFT marketplace on the Cronos chain.

4. Future Development

The BlocTale team is continuously working on expanding the possibilities and features of ERC721 characters. Planned updates include:

  • Cross-game compatibility: Allowing characters to be used in other web3 games and platforms.

  • Customizable equipment: Enabling players to further customize their characters by modifying or crafting unique NFT equipment/skins.


ERC721 characters in BlocTale create a rich and immersive gaming experience by providing players with unique, tradable assets. The combination of unique attributes, metadata, and trading options ensures that each character is truly one-of-a-kind, allowing for an engaging and dynamic in-game economy.

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