How is the value of GLD and BLOC tokens maintained in the long term?

The value of GLD and BLOC tokens is maintained through a combination of carefully designed tokenomics, a robust in-game economy, and continuous development and growth of the BlocTale ecosystem.

For GLD tokens, the value is maintained by controlling the token supply and ensuring that there are sufficient use cases and demand for the token within the game. The inflationary nature of GLD is balanced by burning a portion of the fees collected from the marketplace and other in-game transactions. This mechanism helps prevent excessive devaluation of the token while supporting the need for new GLD in the game.

BLOC tokens derive their value from their role in the BlocTale DAO, where token holders have the power to make governance decisions and influence the future development of the game. As the game grows and evolves, the demand for BLOC tokens is expected to increase, driving their value upwards. The final supply and distribution plan for BLOC tokens is subject to ongoing discussions and may be adjusted to further enhance the long-term value proposition.

Furthermore, the introduction of new features, content, and partnerships ensures that both players and investors remain interested and engaged in the BlocTale ecosystem, which helps maintain the value of GLD and BLOC tokens in the long term.

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