BlocGold (GLD) - ERC20

BlocGold (GLD) is the primary in-game currency used within the decentralized web3 MMORPG, BlocTale. As an ERC20 token, GLD is integral to the game's immersive and tokenized economy, allowing players to trade items, upgrade their characters, and participate in various in-game events.

1. Acquisition and Use Cases

Players can acquire BlocGold (GLD) through various in-game activities, including:

  • Defeating enemies in combat (enemy farming)

  • Completing quests and other in-game events

  • Selling NFT items to other players or NPCs

GLD can be used for numerous purposes within the game:

  • Purchasing NFT items from NPC shops or other players

  • Upgrading and maintaining player-owned houses

  • Participating in special sale events

2. Token Supply and Inflation Management

To support the game's growth and reward active players, BlocGold (GLD) has an inflationary token supply. To maintain a healthy economy and prevent excessive devaluation, the following measures are in place:

2.1. Dynamic Inflation Rate

The GLD inflation rate adjusts based on the number of active players, quests, and events. This ensures that the influx of new GLD entering the game is proportional to the level of in-game activity.

2.2. Sinks and Fees

The game incorporates various GLD sinks, such as transaction fees, item repair costs, and house maintenance fees. These mechanisms remove GLD from circulation, helping to balance the inflation.

2.3. Periodic Reviews

The BlocTale team will regularly review the in-game economy to ensure that the inflation rate remains sustainable. Adjustments to the token supply or sinks can be made in response to market conditions or as a result of community governance decisions.


With the combination of acquisition methods, use cases, and inflation management, BlocGold (GLD) plays a crucial role in the BlocTale gaming experience. As the primary currency, it facilitates trade, upgrades, and participation in the game's immersive world.

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